Repair and Service

MEITEC not only stands for high-quality measurement technology, but also for exceptionally good service.

This area includes consulting and design services to solve customer-specific measurement tasks, the optional regular maintenance service of MEITEC systems by testing in our workshop or at the customer’s plant, and repair service of MEITEC systems far beyond the warranty period.

Take advantage of the expertise of the MEITEC repair service, also for necessary repairs of other systems. As a non-dealership, MEITEC offers professional repairs, with original and compatible spare parts for numerous systems of companies such as Control Gaging, Marposs and Hommel-Movomatic.

Please see below a list of external systems included in the portfolio of the MEITEC repair service. It is worthwhile contacting us even if your system is not listed.

Marposs systems (not dealership)

  • Measuring Heads:
    Alsar, ECE, Exar, Idmar, Megara, Micromar, Minialsar, Minithruvar, Pinvar, Positionar, S500, T Series, Thruvar, Unimar, Wemar
  • Measurement control devices:
    Blue amplifiers, N devices, rack-amp types: E5 and E9

Hommel Movomatic systems (not dealership)

  • Measuring Heads:
    CR60, CR60F, CR100, CR250, TMP81, TMP82, TMP83, TMP91
  • Capacitive Transducers:
    Types A, C, E and U

Control Gaging Systems (not dealership)

  • Measuring Heads:
    Mod.31, Mod.66, Mod.88, QS100, QS200, WG2
  • Measurement control devices:
    Type series DGM



For remote maintenance work, please download the following tool:



Download Remote-Support-Tool