Cylindrical grinding

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In the production of the gearbox manufacturer Getrag Ford Transmissions in Cologne, MEITEC measurement technology has been used in the machining of drive and crankshafts for several years.


In-process measurement with automatic cylinder error compensation
Cylindrical grinding

In the course of retrofit measures, third-party systems were replaced by the flexible, extremely robust and high-precision technology from MEITEC.

During the machining process, the grinding wheel position is first determined with a MEITEC single-point measuring head EMK2C and then the grinding abrasion is monitored and controlled by a MEITEC DMK1C in-process diameter measuring head.





With a second diameter measuring head MEITEC DMK1C, the cylinder error of the shaft is determined during machining and the measuring controller MEITEC CS100 compensates the cylinder error by the corresponding control of a stepper motor for tailstock adjustment.







Außenrundschleiefn mit ZylinderfehlerkompensationIn addition to in-process measurement technology, MEITEC supplies the structure-borne noise sensor technology of sales partner Elaso for collision monitoring and touch detection. In addition to the visualization of the grinding process, the MEITEC CS100 measuring controller takes over the graphical representation of the structure-borne noise signal in a x/t diagram, so that the entire machining process with all its influencing variables can be observed by the operator in real time.