Surface finishing – in-process

Logo Thielenhaus Our long-standing customer Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH is a manufacturer of micro-machines and uses MEITEC-measuring systems with renowned end users around the globe in some types of machines that are manufactured in various international locations.


In-process measurements with MEITEC measurement controls and EMK2
Surface finishing

Thielenhaus Inprocessmesasuring surface finishingUp to six in-process measurement positions with up to twelfe MEITEC measuring heads also help with workpieces with interruptions, for the reliable production of parts with minimum manufacturing tolerances.

In addition to in-process measuring points, MEITEC technology is also used – depending on application – in pre-process and/or post-process measuring points for raw materials or finished part surveying and classification. By using a pre-process measuring point, an exact relation can be established between the workpiece input variables and subsequent processing. This allows for example highly accurate drilling depths and step heights to be performed.

The control of machining cycles, also by means of constant erosion measurement or measurement halving, are standard features of measurement control functions. Thielenhaus Technologies also uses MEITEC systems in other types of machines, such as inductive amplifiers with axial sensors for tilting adjustments.



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