Double-disc surface grinding

Logo supfinaSince Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG opened its double-disc surface grinding business unit, MEITEC measurement technology has been represented at leading end customers at home and abroad in the machine series Planet V.


In-process and post-process measurements with MEITEC measurement controls, SMK1 and EMK2
Double-disc surface grinding

Inprocess control with Measuring Head SMK1In-process measurement with SMK1

The MEITEC grinding wheel measuring head SMK1 is placed directly on the lower grinding wheel in the grinding chamber and ensures both the correct position of the grinding wheel and the monitoring of wheel wear. Use of MEITEC SMK1 helps to efficiently control the workpiece in the grinding gap by constant monitoring during the grinding process and is an important element in avoiding unnecessary dressing cycles. This allows non-productive time and tooling costs to be significantly reduced.




Postprocess monitoring with measuring heads EMKPostprocess measurement with EMK2

Once the surface-ground workpieces have left the grinding chamber, MEITEC single-point measuring heads EMK2 are used in the post-process measuring site. Here, also in discontinuous workpiece surfaces, thickness control is carried out directly in the workpiece flow and the trend curve is determined. Through appropriate influencing of the grinding gap, various kinds of highly accurate parts are ground, including for clocks gears and ball bearings.






Screen „Measuring“ with In- und Postprocessmeasuring and histogramOperation and visualization

The operator always has an overview of the grinding process. This is realized in the company Supfina Grieshaber with its Planet V machine series by displaying post-process trend value curves, in-process measurement values and a short-histogram of the individual measurements in measurement process images.

Beyond mere measurement control functions, the performance of the MEITEC measurement control is used in some Planet V machines to monitor machine tilting and structure-borne sound visualization and analysis.


Postprozess-Messung mit SMK2