Centerless grinding

Logo SFKFor several years, SKF GmbH has been using MEITEC measurement technology at its location in Mulheim for post-process measurements of centerless grinders, to measure a variety of workpiece types.


Post-process measurement with MEITEC measurement controls and EMK2
Centerless grinding

Postprocess measuring station integrated in workpiece transfer

To check the outer diameter of ground workpieces, a post-process measuring point has been integrated into the workpiece conveyor of the SKF plant. To cover the wide variety of parts, the measurement point is equipped with two MEITEC EMK2 measuring heads, which were built on an adjustable crank. This allows the measuring point to be best adjusted for the machining process with only slight manual setup efforts.





Screen „Measuring“ with Postprocessmeasuring and histogramThe recording of measured values and transmission of correction values to the machine controller takes place over the MEITEC measurement control and ensures highly accurate workpiece production. By using MEITEC measurement control, the SKF factory in Mülheim achieves a dimensional accuracy of <= 1 micron in centerless grinding.



Postprozess Messung mit MEITEC CS100 und EMK2